Transaction Advisory

Valuation Consulting

Valuation consulting relates to an event or transaction and is used for several reasons. Valuation experts can provide support to business leaders through transactions such as buying or selling a business entity, mergers, lawsuits, primary transactions (raising capital, valuing stock, etc.), secondary transactions (purchasing a company using stock, selling stock on the market, etc.), and navigating term sheets.

The Purpose

Consulting with a valuation firm adds tremendous support and transparency when decision-makers face challenging transactions. Valuation professionals can provide data and opinions, like fairness and solvency opinions, that make the decision-making process more efficient and empower business leaders to excel in their fiduciary duties.

Trigger Events

  • Merger
  • Acquisition
  • Lawsuit
  • Primary transaction
  • Secondary transaction
  • Opinion consulting

Scalar’s Services

Scalar is the ideal partner for business valuation and consulting services. Scalar’s team of highly qualified professionals collaborate with clients from companies of all industries, stages, and sizes to help them through valuation analysis and to assist in the success of each client’s endeavors. Scalar’s team oversees each case, resolves any concerns, and secures an accurate valuation, not only to provide clients with trustworthy data, but also with advice to help them thrive in the future.

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